History of Riverlands

Riverlands Chambers was established in December 1995 by Nigel Dunlop and Rob Murfitt, with Lyn Milligan as the first staff member. Over the ensuing years, Nigel and Rob were joined by Jill Pengelly (left February 1999), James Wilding (left October 2001), Paul Kellar, Raoul Neave, Andrew Borrowdale (left November 1999) and Nick Rout (left September 2006), and a secretary/typist, Fiona Palframan. Rob Murfitt was appointed to the District Court Bench in New Plymouth in March 2004.

In November 2001, Tony Greig joined the Chambers, and was joined in July 2003 by Stephen Hembrow and in May 2004 by Gerard Lynch.

In September 2006, on the departure of Nick Rout, Liz Bulger joined the Chambers, thereby bringing the Chambers to the full complement of seven barristers for the first time.

In April 2007, Paul Kellar was appointed to the District Court Bench in Dunedin, and in July 2007 was replaced by Craig Ruane. Later that same year, Raoul Neave was appointed to the District Court Bench, to sit in Christchurch.

March 2008 brought Moana Cole to the Chambers and in April 2008, Nigel Dunlop left Chambers to relocate to Auckland.

Following Fiona’s departure to work outside the law, Yolanda McNeil joined as secretary/typist and shortly afterwards, in October, Gerard Lynch was appointed to the District Court Bench, to sit in Palmerston North.

Alexandra Beaumont joined Chambers in November 2008 and our full complement of seven barristers was again achieved in May 2009 with the arrival of Trudi Aickin.

The February 2011 earthquake caused considerable damage to the Victoria Street building, and the June quake was the final straw, the building being demolished shortly afterwards.

After a period camping in Suburban Law’s offices in Cashmere and working from home, the present members of Chambers were reunited at 121 Fendalton Road in October 2011.